Mistakes to Avoid in Vancouver Refrigerated Delivery Service

This coastal seaport city has one of the densest urban populations, heaviest traffic congestions, and biggest economies in Canada: Vancouver. Refrigerated delivery service can have some difficulty in Vancouver because these aspects create set-backs in transport efficacy. These translate to added costs and/or rejected deliveries.refrigerated delivery service

If you want to hire a Vancouver refrigerated delivery service (such as Richards Delivery), make sure that these common mistakes aren’t committed.

Choosing the Wrong Rear Door Type

The use of roll up doors instead of hinged doors is easier, but it results in loss of insulation over time. If the delivery has multiple stops, opening those roll up doors allows too much cold to escape. This places a lot of stress on the refrigeration unit/s to maintain the temperature between stops. The stress can result in problems in temperature controls, as well as higher costs of operations. For multiple stops, using hinged doors would be much preferred.

However, if you have a lot of loading and unloading activities at the docks, using hinged doors would be bad. Docks often use rail-style gates, which don’t go well with hinged doors. Roll-up doors would be better. Hauling large deliveries between two or three points only (with large distances in between) would also work better with roll-up doors. Roll-up doors have a smaller probability of slamming into the workers or the products during loading or unloading.

Forgetting the Power Switches

Power switches are present to protect your refrigeration unit. Whenever the door is opened, the blower blows cold air out of the truck and sucks warm, moist air in. The moist air could attach to the coils in the refrigeration unit, then frost. The unit responds by going into de-frost mode, which increases the temperature. This would seem like cooling isn’t done properly.

Instead, you should use the power switches (or blower interruption switches) every time you open the door. This keeps the cold air in and warm air out. Doing so makes temperature maintenance a lot easier.

Overlooking Airflow

Boxes with inadequate airflow result in cargo damage and uneven cooling. Therefore, proper airflow is always considered by the best refrigerated delivery service. Vancouver transporters know that this is largely dictated by floor selection, which depends on the product loading type. Body manufacturers can help you determine the floor specifications for your specific needs.

Compromising Quality to Lessen Costs

Some fleet managers are easily tempted by smaller up-front costs. This causes them to choose smaller refrigeration units or less insulated boxes. However, the truck’s use must be properly evaluated before making such decisions. Otherwise, maintenance and operation costs will be much greater than just making the proper investment.

Likewise, each delivery should not be over-crowded or over-loaded as this compromises the box’s insulation and airflow.

Not Checking Temperature upon Delivery

There are two ways of checking the correct temperature of your products upon delivery without opening the packaging. One is to use infrared thermometers. This allows for quick surface temperature checking upon delivery. Another way is to hold the thermometer in between two refrigerated products. Make sure that the probe does not stick out into the air, because this will give higher readings.

If the Vancouver refrigerated delivery service you hire does not commit any of these mistakes, then you and your products are in good hands.  Contact me today at Richard Delivery Service, I am the owner and would love to answer any questions or concerns.